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"Of all the information transmitted to the brain - 90% is visual!"

Visual supports are a communication tool that helps to:

- Give information

- Reduce anxiety and frustration

- Provide structure and routine

- Encourage independence

- Give choice

- Improve understanding

- Support transitions and change

- Enhance verbal communication

- Provide opportunities to interact with others

- Build confidence

It is important to make visual supports:

- Personalized and consistent

- Portable

- Durable

- Easy to find and use

Visual supports can be:

- Symbols

- Line drawings or coloured pictures

- Written words

- Photographs or objects of reference (toy, clothing or food item)

Using visual support provides a way for your child to participate more

independently in their life activities. Visual communication results in the better retention (memory) of information..

Lena Morrow

August 31, 2022

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