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Services Provided & Testimonials

Personalized Visuals  - 

Visuals can be created to best suit the needs of your child. Single visuals are created, laminated and velcro is applied so they can be used in any order depending on the schedule for the day and contained in organized binder.

Whatever your goals, instruction will be provided to enhance the understanding of visual supports for both caregiver and child.

Daily Routines & Transition Visuals -

Assorted visual routines and transition visuals can be prepared to help enhance learning for your child by breaking down the steps of an activity or task. Daily routines can be created for your child that support: dressing, hygiene and toilet training, meals, play, bedtime or any other needed activity. Visual routines provide information to help your child understand what to expect, what to do and reduce their anxiety. 

Social Stories -

Social stories are created in a matter-of-fact, "concrete" way so your child will have an improved understanding of a potentially difficult or uncertain activity or situation. The content of the story is developed to meet your child's needs.

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There is change and that is okay! conv 1.jpeg

Adapted Recipes -

Using an adapted (visually supported) recipe is a great way to introduce baking and cooking skills to your child. 

A variety of recipes have already been created and are available to support skill development.

*Watch for update on published cookbook full of adapted recipes for children.

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testimonial image.jpg

“Lena made visuals for our 3 year old autistic boy and they are so helpful for us. She customized his Choice Board exactly how we wanted, with all his favourite foods, activities and toys. The Bedtime routine she created is super amazing. Lena is so accommodating, really cares for our kiddo and gives great advice.
We appreciate her help so much!!"

Michelle Thomas,  Steinbach, MB


"Lena is a wealth of knowledge working with children with diverse needs. She is passionate about collaborating with families to develop individualized visual supports to enhance their child's communication skills. She provides easy to understand step by step instructions, clearly outlining the uses and benefits of visuals to reduce anxiety and increase communication."

Marg Derraugh

B.Ed., Post Baccalaureate Diploma Inclusive Education, Winnipeg, MB.

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Lotus Flower

"Lena brings a functional and engaging reframe on using visuals!
She is able to understand the intent of the visual and tie it to the child's intrinsic motivations to facilitate positive relationship and participation."

Sara Kunkel

OT Reg. (MB), Winnipeg, MB

Pink Bubbles

"Lena and I have worked together on many projects, and she can always turn my OT ideas into something parents, students and teachers can use on an ongoing basis. She designs her visuals to suit not only the therapeutic goal, but also the user's situation. I also love how, through years of experience, she can anticipate potential issues - brainstorming how to make visuals happen is a collaboration rather than a prescription!"

Jenny Soriano Vernon

OT Reg. (MB), OTR/L, OTRP, Winnipeg, MB.

Kids Playing Soccer
"Lena has been an incredible source of knowledge and support in my search for finding ways to be a better educator. Her ability to translate research into practice gives insight and awareness of how to meet the needs of all students, but especially those with neurodiversity. Lena always leaves me with answers to my questions, and assists in finding solutions to problems. I always value our conversations around education."

Jeff Speirs

B.Ed., Physical Education Teacher

Winnipeg, MB

For further information about services available, please feel free to contact -

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